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Main Street Bride, Prom, & Tuxedo Bar

Tuxedo Rentals

Here at Bonjulies not only do we want you to look good but your groom as well. With the area’s largest selection of tuxedos including black, grey, brown, tan, navy, and of course CAMO, we are sure to find that special look at any price point.


Our tuxedo rental department offers the best tuxedos available. We have designer tuxedos at a rental price.

Our Tuxedo Program Advantages Include:

• FREE Groom’s Tuxedo with 6 Groomsman Rentals

• $40 off suggested retail on EVERY designer tuxedo

• Convenient Online Out-of-Town Groomsmen Form



Form Our designer tuxedos include:

• Calvin Klein • Ralph Lauren • Savvi • Allure Men • and more!


You’ll do more than look at a catalog! At Bonjulies we have samples for you to see. You can touch the fabrics, truly understand the color and even see it beside the wedding dress. That’s a big difference from other salons where you just order out of a catalog or on the internet.



Our service is undeniably the best. When compared to any men’s suit store, our price is unbeatable. We pride ourselves on service, selection and style! Often it can be challenging to organize things for the groomsmen who live out of town. We take care of all the details for them. We have an out-of-town groomsmen form that offers a step-by-step explanation to help them get their order done!


As you can see, whether the guys in the wedding party need a designer or value tuxedo, or live in town or somewhere else, Bonjulies Tuxedo Bar is the undisputed tuxedo destination.